Website design and development

Internet Strategies

Most of our clients internet strategies fall into three main categories - simple brochure, CMS and e-commerce


Brochure websites are websites which contain static information - often about a company and their products, or about a place to visit or a place to stay. They normally consist of images, links, writing, contact details and maybe booking forms. They can be design led, striking to look at and easy to use but you cannot make purchases from them. Generally, the content remains unchanged (which is not good for SEO)

Content Managed System (CMS)

A website can be described as 'Content Managed' when, after it has been designed and handed over to its its owner (rather than left in the control of the designer) he/she adds snd updates pages, information, images etc when he / she wants. They do this by logging in to an administrative area of the site and editing the pages from there. We can provide content managed brochures, blogs and forums.

Our e-commerce sites are by their nature 'Content Managed Systems'.