Website design and development

SEO - search engine optimisation

The Holy Grail of the internet age

If you listen to everything that SEO specialists tell you, you may be forgiven for thinking that Search Engine Optimisation is some kind of dark art known only to a chosen few who will charge through the nose for sharing their knowledge.

We have a different perspective. We want our clients to know what SEO is so that they can use that knowledge to the better advantage of their online business.

Essentially, SEO invloves making your website as accessible and as easy as possible for search engines to read, analyse and index - in a nutshell, it's about making sure that search engines know what your site is about.

If we build your website, all aspects of SEO will be built into it from the start - as standard and at no extra cost. Our priority after all is the success of your website.

If you already have a website, and need to find out why it's not performing, then you can engage our services to analyse your site and give you feedback on what you need to do to improve your search engine ranking.

We can also optimise your website to give it the best chance of being ranked highly on that all important 1st page of search results.